From the artist:
"This album addresses anxiety, absence of control and the desire to be accepted by others. These feelings build upon themselves, to the point where they control my expression and demeanor.  I am internally aware of these constraints, but unable to stop the cycle of compounding fear. It’s an experience that can feel powerless.

The title “Coral Angel” refers to coral reef decay and the absence of any single person’s ability to save it. This disaster highlights how futile our hope for control or change can feel.

With that in mind, I wrote and recorded this album with analog equipment that allowed almost no overdubbing or change post-recording. This was a personal resolution, relinquishing creative control in favor of what is present and immediate. Acceptance and perseverance."


su na is the recording alias of Minneapolis-based musician and DJ Alec Ness. Active since 2013, Ness heavily utilizes analog synthesizers and although born with amputated fingers plays several keyboard-based instruments. He cites influence from several musical styles including ambient, uk-garage, hip-hop and house. On December 1, 2017, su na is set to release "Coral Angel" EP digital/vinyl on NYC indie label, Color Station